Can I Sue a Pet Owner If My kid Is Bitten By Their Dog?

The statistics close bite cases ar atrociousparticularly since most victims ar rumored to be kidsper the Centers for sickness management and interference (CDCP), near five million folks ar bitten by dogs each year! And additionalupsetting is that the indisputable fact that over five hundredth of these folks are literally kids.

So as a parent, it's trying once your kid is badly wounded by another person's dog, and infrequently times, this casecan have you ever asking yourself many queriesone in every of the foremost common queries among oldsters of bite victims has got to do with lawsuits.

Many oldsters need to understand if they "can" and if they "should" sue a pet owner whose dog has lacerate their kid. If you discover

 yourself in an exceedingly similar circumstance asking yourself an equivalent question, continue reading for a few recommendation relating to personal injury bite lawsuits and minors.

Dog Bite Accidents and Injuries

One of the primary steps to require if you're considering filing a claim against a pet owner for a bite accident is to contact a private injury professionalthey often supply free initial consultations therefore there's no owed obligation to easily discuss your accident. this provides you an opportunity to gift your case to a knowledgeable lawyer World Health Organization offers recommendation on whether or not or not you must move forward with a claim.

It is vital to 1st look for medical treatment from a legitimate supplylike a doctor's workplace or clinic, so the injuries ar treated and conjointly recorded. Once you've got received skilled medical aid, file a police report back to have the accident documented moreover. These records ar used as proof and proofand might be used presently within thecase that your claim goes to court.

Dog bite laws vary from state to state, however in most cases, you need to be able to prove that the pet owner was vulnerable to be awarded compensation for your child's damages and losses. In states like California and Florida, dog house owners ar "strictly liable", that means the owner is 100 percent liable the least bit times notwithstanding they are doing not demonstrate any degree of negligence.

Other states, like TX and Beaver State, utilize a "one bite" rule that claims pet house owners aren't answerable forthe primary time their dog bites another person, goodbye as they may not have legendary or did not recognize the dog was possible to bite or attack. however they are doing not get another pass if their dog bites once more.


If your dog is understood to bite, attach a yellow ribbon to its collar therefore strangers recognize to approach with caution.

Avoid dogs that ar giving off signs of tension or irritability, like folded-back ears, teeth showing, growling, fidgeting, and tenseness.

Do not let kids chase dogs, notwithstanding the dog doesn't have a history of aggression. this is often a standardtrigger for first-time biters.

Contact a private injury professional now once a bite accident to be told your rights to compensation help.

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