Things to consider when hiring an insurance agent

It's time to shop for an insurance agent. An unhappy experience with your agent can cause this problem.

There are many things to consider when searching for a new insurance agent.

Captured or Independent

This one decision will immediately narrow your search process. Deciding if you want coverage from a captured or independent agent before any other decision makes the remaining items a faster decision-making process.

An independent is not affiliated with any of the specific insurance company and represents a variety of insurance companies typically. A captured agent is one who works for/represents one particular insurance company.


Do you want an agent close to your home, or would it be more convenient to find an agent who has an office close to your place of business? Consider when you'd instead go to the office. Will it be on a lunch hour or after work?
It is an issue that doesn't always apply because some insurance agents come to you. Talk about the best location!

Office Hours

If your agent is open from 9-5, Monday through Friday, these hours could cause issues if you don't have a flexible schedule at work. Do they close during the lunch hour? Another inconvenience for you if they close the same time you are required to take your lunch.

Find out if they are open on Saturdays. If so, going back to the location, it would be best to find an agent close to home.

Customer Service

When asking for referrals, ask why the person is referring this specific agent. Make sure that it's customary for them to talk to you over the phone or meet with you in person each year to ensure you haven't had any changes that would require adjusting your coverage. This type of customer service is imperative because you don't want to find out you didn't have proper coverage as a result of the agent not knowing you needed it. Customer service is tremendous, especially if you experience a disaster and need to file a claim. How quickly will they get back to you? Do they follow up? Are they helpful and assist you?


What type of person is this agent? It's critical to know the kind of person he or she is. Honest? High integrity? When it's time to have to file a claim, you want to be sure to have a well-respected agent who is handling your insurance needs.

Social media is a great way to learn about a person. Read their Facebook and LinkedIn pages and follow them on Twitter. You will learn more about people through reading their interactions with others.


Meet with at least three agents who are still candidates in your search process. No matter how great they are, if your personalities don't mesh, it won't be a good business relationship.

It seems like a long, drawn-out process. However, it'll go quicker than it sounds, and it is well worth your effort. When disasters occur, you'll want an agent/agency that is right for you.

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