Dead Indian man wakes up at mortuary minutes before being cut open

A cleaner in the center was reported to have raised the alarm after the ‘dead man’ grabbed him while he was performing his duties.

It would have been a pitiful end for an Indian man who woke up just few minutes before being cut open for autopsy after he was erroneously declared death by medical practitioners, following a motor car accident in India.

The pathologist at a hospital in Nagpur detected a pulse just as he was picking up a blade to perform an autopsy. The patient was resuscitated and rushed to a separate ward in the hospital after the error was realised.

Meanwhile a large crowd converged outside the hospital to protest against the negligence by the doctors, News18 reports.

Bharadwaj was involved in an auto crash involving many people. He sustained serious injuries and was rushed to the hospital. He was still alive at the time they took him to the hospital, but the Doctors declared him "brain dead" and later "medically death". He was left in the mortuary through out the night.

The cleaner, while speaking with reporters said that he was so amazed when he noticed that someone held him in the morgue at the time he was cleaning up the premises.
Bharadwaj’s father is said to be a Bank of India manager.

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