Fuel Tanker Driver Who Armed Robbers Removed His Intestines Shares His Story.

A fuel tanker driver simply identified as Mr George Tayokhe who survived an attack from a group of armed Robbers has recounted his ordeal. The man shared his testimony recently at the Prophetic Word Assembly in Enugu state. Read below;

I am member of Prophetic Word Assembly Enugu. I’m a tanker driver.A month ago, I was robbed on my way to deliver fuel to a fuel station, a group of armed robbers attacked me and took thousands of naira from me.They took me to a bush tied my hands and legs and opened my tommy with a sharp object,removed my intestines and cut my two intestines and left me alone in the bush bleeding.

I screamed for help but no one could hear me but as God may have it my conductors had ran to some soldiers at a nearby checkpoint on the road. They came in search of me after 4 hours,they found me and took me to a hospital in Agbor Delta State where the doctors rejected me and told them(soldiers and conductors) that I was dead.

I was struggling to speak out for him to see that I was alive but I could not. I tried waving my hands but he(the doctor) never looked at me again and left us. The soldiers paid for the ambulance to take me to another hospital in Asaba still in Delta State so they can go back to work.

When we got to the hospital in Asaba, the doctors rejected me again and said they can’t treat me, the ambulance decided to take me back to Agbor because he was tired and it was already getting late.

My brethren,as we were standing on that lonely road that night thinking of what to do,a man appeared from nowhere and came directly to us to know what the problem was, after the conductors had explained to him, he said he will take me somewhere,entered the ambulance and we drove to a teaching hospital Nnewi Anambra State.

As soon as we entered the hospital the man handed me over to the doctors and disappeared infront of everybody and till today nothing has been heard about him. The doctors took me to the theater and the surgery was done successfully to the glory of God and today I am alive to testify to the glory of God.

I wish to thank God for my pastor,Apostle Godstime Ebirim for remembering me in prayers all these while, may God bless him and continue the good work he started in him…

Praise God!!

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