Double stemcell: The solution to all health related problems (It replaces worn out cells and manages over 134 diseases)


Do you know that all health problems in humans is as a result of slightly corrupted cells in the system?

Here comes a solution. A product which can regenerate new cells to replace worn out cells.. isn't this fabulous??

Scientists from Mibelle BioChemistry have found that a novel extract derived from the stem cells of a rare apple tree cultivated for its extraordinary longevity shows tremendous ability to rejuvenate aging skin. By stimulating aging skin stem cells, this plant extract has been shown to lessen the appearance of unsightly wrinkles. Clinical trials show that this unique formulation increases the longevity of skin cells, resulting in skin that has a more youthful and radiant appearance.

Double stem cell help to stimulate the human stem cell to reproduce itself and to produce other types of body cells.

These plant stem cells have been been found to regenerate, multiply and replace old or dead cells in the human body. Double Stemcell is taken a sachet under the tongue for quick absorption into the blood stream.

Note: Because of the ability of DOUBLE STEM CELL product to stimulate the human stem cell to regenerate itself and produce new cells. It can manage over 134 diseases. Including skin conditions, ulcers, diabetes sores, stroke, brain injuries, low sperm count, baldness, blindness . It helps to improve vision problems, missing teeth, wound healing, bone marrow transplantation, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, spinal cord injuries, osteoarthritis, rheumatic arthritis, cancers, heart conditions, liver conditions, kidney conditions, and whatever conditions that require the replacement of cells etc

Double stemcells does not replace your doctor’s prescription. There have been many testimonials about this product in cases of spinal cord paralysis, diabetes, arthritis, eye problems, etc.

Double stem cell (Phytoscience) was discovered by Dr Zurich of Mibelle Biochemistry in Switzerland.

Double stem cells is plant stemcells harvested from a rare specie of apples in Switzerland.

These plant stem cells have been been found to regenerate, multiply and replace old or dead cells in the human body. Double Stemcell is taken a sachet under the tongue for quick absorption into the blood stream.

PhytoScience Double Stem Cell powder, a delicious proprietary blend of the signature stem cell extracts – PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica (Apple Stem Cells) & PhytoCellTec™ Solar Vitis (Grape Stem Cells), enriched with phytonutrient-rich superstars – Euterpe Oleracea (Acai Berry) and Vaccinium Myrtilus (Blueberry), is exclusively formulated by Mibelle BioChemistry to effectively help you regain control and keep aging and illnesses at bay

100% natural


Clinically-proven efficacy

  • Double stemcell enhances physical stamina and energy level.
  • Double stemcell improves cellular health.
  • Double stemcell helps repair and regenerate cells.
  • Double stemcell rejuvenates and activates body cells to raise energy and improve vitality
  • Double stemcell regulates pH level in the body.
  • Double stemcell is anti oxidant.
  • Double stemcell improves blood circulation.
  • Double stemcell improves body immune system.
  • Double stemcell Refines skin texture and improve complexion. Double stemcell helps for a vital and healthy-looking skin.
  • Double stemcell protects epidermal skin stem cells against UV stress and fights photo-aging.
  • Double stemcell delays aging process.
  • Double stemcell helps for better heart health.
  • Double stemcell helps with digestive upset.
  • Double stemcell improves mental function.
  • Double stemcell neutralizes free radicals.
  • Double stemcell aids in reducing belly fat.
  • Double stemcell helps promote urinary tract health.
  • Double stemcell preserves vision.
  • Double stemcell boosts brain health.
  • Double stemcell aids in constipation and digestion.
  • Double stemcell aids in weight loss.

IS PHYTOSCIENCE DOUBLE STEM CELL SAFE FOR CONSUMPTION? DOES IT HAVE SIDE EFFECTS? These are some of the questions that are usually in the mind of persons who want to try the products, which is totally understandable.
The company - Phytoscience Malaysia - stands by the quality and safety of it's product, and in fact has included a product liability coverage of approximately US$1M (subject to FOREX rates MYR to US$). The Product Liability will pay any registered (named) user of the product who develops health problems and is proven and confirmed by medical tests and doctors, as a result of the direct use of the product. Users just have to make sure to be covered, that they are an active registered user in phystoscience system, and that the product in use was ordered officially via phytoscience portal. That is the reason why we encourage those who want to try to the product to consider taking the entry level registration package to be covered when trying the product and moving forward during regular use. [Note: only the person with their name registered in the system can claim against the product liability, so if you register but someone else uses it he/she is not covered]. There are only a few products out there who have this kind of liability coverage and so far we have not heard of any claims.

[Important note: Due to how laws, rules and regulations work in other geographic locations in the world, the product liability does not apply in some locations such as US, Canada, EU, US & UN Sanctioned Countries].

In terms of side effect, some people encounter what they believe are unusual reactions when they start taking the product. This is what some medical practitioners call "Healing Crisis" or "Body Recovery Reaction", and is explained in another post in this blog. But in brief, as double stem cell acts in flushing out toxins, repairing body cells, and regenerating cells - the body then has to dispose of the toxins, bad deposits and dead cells. This is like construction work, thus the body will be going through a lot of activity, leading to changes in how a person (user) feels. The trash (toxins, unwanted deposits, dead/damaged cells) need to exit the body - usually these materials will pass through the blood stream, skin, urine and stool. Some people will sweat a lot, some will experience high blood pressure, some will have higher blood sugar content (as sugar deposits in the vein are flushed out by better blood circulation), some will notice changes in the urine's color, smell, etc., similarly stool/bowel movement may change - some will have diarrhea, or changes in how they move their bowel - it's color, smell and consistency may change. Some will experience sleepiness, to some who have insomnia or problem sleeping this is a welcome effect. But in time what a user feels or is experiencing will normalize as the body cells get repaired and slowly go back to normal function.

Some will be concerned that this reaction will take several days, weeks or in some cases months - but if the health condition you are trying to address developed over several months or years, it is understandable that it will take some time to help the body recover. An important point here, is that, if you are under medical advice, treatment or taking maintenance medication - you should continue doing so, even if you start feeling better and stronger, the best thing is to let your regular doctor or a different but also a licensed doctor for a second opinion, check you out as you feel better so they can determine, if you can eliminate some of the treatments, reduce dosage or remove some medication. What we advise is to leave a gap (maybe an hour or more) between intake of double stemcell and other items you need to take/consume (e.g. medicine, food supplement, etc.) this way you can feel & observe better how the product is working in your body.

In terms of quality the product has been issued with permits by the health ministry in various countries where the product has already established formal distribution operations. So typically the first step is to get the ministry of health of that country to check the product. So based on the map below that is a lot and we know also that countries like the USA are very strict when it comes to these kind of matter

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I purchase Double Stemcell™ at a pharmacy in my area?

    In Nigeria, Our products can be purchased through its renowned agent MARTINS ONYIA

  • Can Double Stemcell™ be used by Children?

    Yes, It can be used by children, under adult supervision. This product is safe and Non-Toxic.
  • Is it safe to consume Double Stemcell™?

    Double Stemcell™ has registered with Health Ministry Malaysia(KKM) and it has went through Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) and SGS Singapore General Laboratory Testing Standard. This product is confirmed safe and 100% plant base.
  • Can Double Stemcell™ healing any of chronic illness as what the consumer had claim in their testimonial?

    According to the professional advice from a group of doctors, Double Stemcell is actually poured under the tongue, stem cell will go thru our nerves travel to the brain and provide a signal where they need to repair and regenerate the cells surround and heal the wounds in and outside the body part, regulate pH level inside the body, when after the body immunity system improves slowly, the illness are never felt anymore.
  • The product is effective but a lot of consumers wish to take consistently and FOC?

    For those consumers keen to consume Double Stemcell™, they can actually sign up as member to enjoy member price and with the marketing proposal provided, they can even earn for free redeem and get some extra income.
  • What dosage should I take to obtain the best results?

    While as each person may be different of their own absorption ability so results may be accordingly, through our trials with our customers , we have developed the products that can be taken both on a daily basis 2 sachets day and night or the high strength that should be cycled over shorter periods when a stronger effect is required. Double stemcell™ should always be taken before breakfast and before bed at night.
  • Does Double stemcell™ have any side effects?

    Our products, taken at their recommended dosage are very well tolerated. However, one may experience a slight sense of increased metabolic body heat (thermogenesis) after taking Double stemcell™ and it is recommended to increase water intake. In my experience each individual reacts slightly differently, so the product dosage that works for you may be different for another. High dosages may give more dramatic effects within a shorter time frame of about 1-2 days, while lower dosages may take 1 week or more to notice the effect.
  • Can Double stemcell™ be taken by aged and diseased people?

    Yes, we have observed that it is quite common that aged and diseased people in Developed Countries prepare stemcell when they require energy in times of convalescence. Scientific research on aged and diseased consuming Double stemcell™ is now being conducted and the results have been encouraging, such as enhanced antibody and energy. Double stemcell™ is also suitable in menopausal women as it helps maintain progesterone production from the ovaries and adrenal glands. The ability of Double stemcell™ to enhance stamina in both men and women is always within physiological normal limits and thus it is increasingly being seen as a safe and natural performance supplement for sportspeople. The latest information is that sports scientists have found Double stemcell™ a benefit in their athletes as the increase in stamina is within natural limits and therefore completely legal in competition.
  • Who need Double stemcell™?

    People who are health conscious,weak and diseased, love their family,who wish to enjoy their life perfectly and always busy with a lot of engagements, they are the group of people which need to consume Double stemcell persistently.....
  • Can Double stemcell™ be taken by diabetes patient?

    According to number of panel doctors who also playing apart as our member in network, Double stemcell™ is not a drug, it can’t replace the medicine gave by your doctor who you consult now. But we have number of diabetes consumers who after consumed Double stemcell their blood sugar level reducing, some even claimed drop to normal. They said this may cause of the possibility the antioxidants of the product.
  • Which is the best method of consume Double stemcell™ for more effectiveness?

    Nevertheless Double stemcell ™can be mixed up with any drink or even pure water, but the best method is pour under our tongue, that is because below tongue there are a lot of nerves that can easily absorb due to the molecules is small.

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